Bidding Specifications

  • Total Cleanable Square Feet

  • Flooring Ratio (Vinyl Composite Tile, Carpet, Ceramic, Porcelain, Laminate, Wood, Rubber, Engineered, Concrete, Textured, Cork, Terrazzo, or Stone)

  • Walls (Sheetrock, Wood, Stone, Vinyl, Panel, Metal)

  • Number of Restrooms

  • Inventory (Chemical, Consumables, Tools, Equipment)

  • Ease of Access 

  • Traffic Level

  • Cleaning Specifications

Customer Requirements 

  1. Shine employees will be treated with respect, dignity, and not be subject to sexual harassment or discrimination.

  2. Customer must provide a single point of contact and inform us if contact has changed.

  3. Quality issues must be communicated and addressed immediately.

  4. Shine employees and managers must have access to building(s) after business hours. have workable keys, and access to all areas.

  5. Any additional work that was not submitted in original bid (including remodal clean-up) must be billed accordingly.

  6. Customer must provide our employees a safe working environment at all times.  Uncommunicated hazardous conditions will result in an immediate end of service.

Billing & Pricing


We aim to make our billing terms as flexible as possible.  Invoices will be issued on the first of every month and are typically due in (30) days from time of invoice. Checks and Electronic Funds Transfer accepted. 

Late Fee

A late fee of 5 % will be added per (15) days without payment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise that if you are not satisfied with the service purchased, we will refund your money in full.

Our Company

Faced with the loss of our jobs through outsourcing of a state janitorial position, we formed together a company to save our positions and secure a future for our families. Since our first contract, we have been working hard, focusing on how to grow our company.

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